Blowing in the wind

Today has been fairly quiet on the Osprey front, as you might expect considering the weather we have had! The wind has reached speeds of over 40mph and several stormy showers have added to the assault. However, the wind and rain have been interspersed with the odd sunny spell, and we had a report of the most glorious-sounding rainbow, I only wish I could have seen it!

We only had one glimpse of an Osprey on the nest today. 28(10) landed on it at about 11:00, but he didn’t stay for long – the wind almost blew him off! It’s very likely that he spent most of the day sheltering from the wind somewhere.

28 on the nest today

28 on the nest today

28 holding on tightly against the wind

28 holding on tightly against the wind


Having three cameras to play with is fantastic. Here is a video created using some of the clips from yesterday, showing 28 flying over the nest where 25 is sitting, and then coming in to land on the T-perch.

We also have news of another arrival! Another male Osprey returned to his breeding territory yesterday – 06(09), a male who bred for the first time last season.

We hope to see more Ospreys arriving over the coming days.


2 responses to “Blowing in the wind”

  1. Sheila Elliott

    Great to hear of Nother returnee. Thank you.

  2. sue mason green

    We seem to have acquired a pair of Egyptian Geese …..