Bon voyage 4K!

The two Rutland satellite tagged ospreys, S1(15) and 4K(13) are well on their way to warmer climes.

S1(15) set off over a week earlier than 4K(13), and he is currently on the Bissagos Islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. 

S1(15) 2019 migratory route

4K started his own migratory journey on the 7th September. Six days in and he has traveled an astonishing 1,800 miles! 4K’s route to date has included an English Channel crossing via the Isle of Wight, a short flight over the Brittany peninsula, then instead of flying inland he took a short-cut across the Bay of Biscay into Spain. He has now reached the Atlas Mountains and is continuing in a south-westerly direction.

4K(13) 2019 migratory route

S1(15) and 4K(13) migratory journey to date

Wishing all the birds the best of luck on their migratory journeys.