Books for Africa

As you may know, in 2011 the Rutland Osprey Project founded the Osprey Flyways Project. The project was initiated following a visit to West Africa by the osprey team. The key aims of the project are to link schools along osprey migration flyways and to provide wildlife education opportunities for schools in key areas where the birds overwinter. The project has been very successful and we work closely with schools, communities and local Gambian bird guide, JJ. We have managed to provide schools with some equipment such as computers and binoculars so that they can learn about wildlife and connect to other schools, and JJ arranges field trips for them to get out and see what’s around them. World Osprey Week is a great way that we get schools along the flyway to connect with each other, using the amazing migration of ospreys!

Money to fund this project comes entirely from donations and fundraising activities we may undertake! As a brilliant way of raising money, for the past few years we have had a second-hand book stall at the Lyndon Visitor Centre. The books are donated by generous volunteers, staff and members of the public, and all money raised from the sale of these books goes directly into the work we do in Africa. The book shelves are kindly looked after by volunteers Andy and Anne Strang, who have donated a lot of books themselves over the years!

The shelves are currently stacked almost full of amazing tomes about everything wildlife related. There are some incredible finds in here, and the prices are extremely reasonable. Come along to the Lyndon Centre and have a browse.

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