Born to fly

What an amazing dawn cruise we had this morning! Despite the forecast looking gloomy, the weather was gloriously bright and sunny! For the first twenty minutes or so we were osprey-less, but sailed happily along enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery. As we chugged down the south arm, we suddenly saw two ospreys in front of us. They were flying quite quickly and soon disappeared out of sight.

As we were quite near Manton Bay at that point, we popped down to see the ospreys there. All four were present and sitting on various perches. Our volunteers Gill and Peter helpfully contacted us from Waderscrape hide to let us know which one was which. Everything looked calm and peaceful until an intruder appeared, causing 33 to rise from his perch and take to the air to give chase. Both birds flew very close to the boat and we had great views of them flying overhead!

Later on, as we headed back to Whitwell, an osprey was approaching from behind, so we stopped and watched. A text from the hide told us that this was 33, who had just left the bay to go fishing. We watched as he came closer and closer, scouring the shoreline near the sailing club for fish. At one point he very nearly dived….then pulled out and moved further away from us. Another osprey joined him, and the pair moved on.

What a morning! To top it all off we had a fabulous cooked breakfast at Egleton. Thank you very much to everyone who came on the cruise this morning, and to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped us.

IMG_0811 - Paul Unringed male intruder 19th May 15

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There is lots of action down in Manton Bay now that the two juveniles have fledged. They are not venturing far from the bay yet, but are taking numerous flights and getting used to their long wings, and being airborne. It’s lovely to see them flying around, landing here and there, gaining in confidence and being watched over by Maya and 33. This wonderful video by Dave Cole was filmed very recently, after both juveniles had fledged, and shows some of their first flights. This is a beautiful video and demonstrates just how brilliant the views are from the nature reserve at Lyndon. Thank you for this, Dave!

The ospreys have been on the nest quite a lot today, so there is still some action on-camera. Plus the juveniles always come back to sleep!


2AM Sleeping




3 responses to “Born to fly”

  1. Wendy Cox

    What a special video – wonderful to see. Loved the missed landing and having to go around again!

  2. Kevin Edwards

    Fantastic, what a beautiful sight to see.

  3. Joan

    What joy, like a toddler taking the first steps.