BOW PARTY (Bye-bye Ospreys Week Party)

What a year for the Rutland ospreys, with a record number of nests and chicks. As the weather begins to change with a distinctly “end of summer feel”, our four young Manton Bay ospreys are now on their way south to warmer climes, on their first migration.

At the Volunteer Training Centre another group of youngsters, no less than 21 of our Osprey Ambassadors representing the Rutland Osprey Project in our local schools, met for the last time this season. Some of these youngsters will migrate to new schools this week and all will take the latest end of season osprey news back to their schools and educational groups. Again a record number of Ambassadors and participating schools this year.

The BOW (Bye-bye Ospreys Week) party began with pictures and highlights of the Rutland Osprey year, a chance for all to play the “osprey migration game”, and a world premier screening of Ambassador Sam Newcomb’s Bird Fair interviews with Mike Dilger and Nick Baker. The “Brain of Osprey” quiz was close but Sam Newcombe and Harriet Ambler won the senior and junior prizes respectively with the highest scores – well done! Of course another highlight was Cake (our thanks go to Liz, Jo and Libby). Bird watching across lagoon 4 completed our afternoon with ambassadors and accompanying adults getting some great views of waterfowl and waders, including Avocet and Wood sandpiper.

World Osprey Week 23rd to 27th March will mark the start of the 2020 Rutland osprey season, when the birds migrate back to Rutland after over wintering in West Africa. We will meet our Ospreys Ambassadors again with some new faces joining this popular and very important part of our school education programme. If your school wants to be involved in 2020 let us know!

4 responses to “BOW PARTY (Bye-bye Ospreys Week Party)”

  1. Crispin Little

    how many nests and chicks in 2019? The Breeding page is seriously out of date.

  2. HilaryJ

    It’s good news about the record numbers. Are you able to let us have the figures?