Bring me sunshine

Today has been filled with sunshine, and not a shower to be seen. I don’t mind the rain, though, it’s necessary and so refreshing! It also helps to create wonderful colourful displays in the sky, this image was taken from the the wide angle camera last night!

Rainbow behind nest

It’s been a busy day at Lyndon, with lots of visitors and also our special Osprey Club for our Osprey Ambassadors! Everyone was thrilled to see the two chicks thriving. As I mentioned yesterday, these chicks are going to grow very fast and change quickly. As you can see in the picture below, at only one week and a couple of days old, the bigger of the chicks is already changing, with the down beginning to disappear from the back of its head.

Back of chick's head

As we would expect, there have been several fish deliveries today! The first fish of the day was a perch at 04:42 this morning. The huge trout that 33 caught yesterday morning lasted all day, being eaten a little at a time, and no other fish were delivered after that, so this first fish of the day was very welcome. Apart from the fact that 33 very nearly dropped it onto the chicks!

Later on 33 delivered another perch at 11:15.

33 with fish

Then at 13:10 he came in with a huge pike! The pike was still alive, and almost snapped at Maya, who looked bemused! Eventually she took the pike from 33 and fed it to the chicks.

33 and pike


They are very good at sharing fish – 33 came to collect what remained of the pike at 15:55, then brought it back again at 16:09 for Maya.

We don’t usually see very much aggression from osprey chicks, but every so often they get a bit boisterous and start pecking at each other. This has happened a few times in past seasons. At only one week old these two are already showing signs of aggression, although sometimes they bite the nest material not each other! In the video below you can see that it’s the smaller chick that starts it, then the bigger chick turns around to get its own back!

Here is another stick delivery from 33, which annoyingly gets placed at the front of the nest again! Oh well, soon the chicks will be much bigger and we won’t have problems seeing them. This video shows some good team work between Maya and 33, as they move the stick together!

What a cute picture of the smaller chick yawning under Maya!

Chick yawn



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  1. Nicola Davies

    That pike looked as if it could eat a chick!