Bring on the sunshine

The morning dawned bright and sunny, and a bit chilly with a slight frost covering the ground. A beautiful spring day followed, bringing with it the promise of good things to come. Soon, the meadows will be adorned with wild flowers, the pond in front of the Lyndon Centre will be surrounded by colour, and the smell of wild garlic will sweeten the air on the first bit of footpath on the Lyndon Reserve.

The pond in front of the Lyndon Centre

The pond in front of the Lyndon Centre

Wild garlic coming through on the footpath

Wild garlic coming through on the footpath


The sun shone down on the osprey nest all day, and Maya and 33 have been on it frequently, adding sticks and grass here and there and enjoying the view.

Nest material

Nest material


Volunteer Dave Cole provided us with some wonderful footage of the ospreys and other wildlife in Manton Bay last season. Already this year he has been spending time filming the Manton Bay pair from Shallow Water Hide, and has edited together a beautiful video of Maya and 33 from 30th March. Here it is!



6 responses to “Bring on the sunshine”

  1. David

    Nice video diary! Thanx. As much as I like the nest views, I like even more seeing a wider range of activity, for example, grabbing nest material on the wing.

  2. Mike Grundy

    A lovely little film. Thank you Dave !

  3. Tracey

    Amazing video, thanks so much for these insights, greatly appreciated.

  4. Pauline Fisher

    How lovely that video diary was! Nest material nearly defeated one of ospreys but made it into nest in the end! Here`s hoping for eggs soon.

  5. Helen Hall

    What a treat for us to see clearly the gathering of the grass etc.and how hard they have to work to climb height to get onto the nest.
    Many thanks Dave

  6. Christine Williams

    Thank you Dave, your video was delightful, especially as I live at Burley on the Hill clearly shown in the background but also a long standing osprey volunteer too. I just loved the swans coming in, quite balletic really and seemingly putting the nest at the centre of their landing display! More please, the real stars of the shoot permitting of course!