Calm After the Storm

Yesterday’s weather was less than ideal for the ospreys, however Maya has been doing a great job of protecting the chicks and 33 has been busy catching fish for them. It’s our first osprey cruise of the season tonight so everyone is very excited, fingers crossed we’ll get at one osprey fishing!


calm after the storm

The chicks are now three weeks old and are changing every day, it won’t be long until they are helicoptering above the nest. They are moving around the nest so much more now and even starting to food beg.


In the wet weather 33 did a fantastic job of catching a fish, and Maya attentively fed it to the chicks, ensuring they kept their energy up. Maya did a great job of incubating them yesterday, trying her best to keep them warm and dry.



Maya protecting chicks

33 Has also been busy bringing in plenty of sticks,  which Maya seems less than happy with, the one brought in this morning caused all kinds of trouble, with Maya spending most of the morning trying to get it in a suitable position.

Lucky it’s been a lot drier today and we even have sunshine now! Hopefully this will allow the chicks and the pair to dry out and warm up!