Can’t stop, won’t stop…fishing!

It is hard to believe our osprey chicks are less than 3 weeks old – they are growing so quickly! The larger chick is becoming quite adventurous, and once again yesterday evening wandered to the edge of the nest – even giving their wings a bit of a flap!

After all that exertion, chick number 1 had a lie down, sticking their head underneath one of the sticks framing the nest. A few minutes later 33 bought in a stick, briefly placing it on the smaller chick (before Maya moved it), then moving it so that it hooked the other stick further over the larger chick.

It didn’t take 33 long to realise the larger chick was pinned though, and he gently moved the stick from over his neck.

33 bought in an extremely fresh roach yesterday evening, so fresh it still had some life left in it! Maya was beginning to tuck in when the roach started wriggling, slipping out of her grasp. Maya seemed a bit bemused by the lively fish, and wandered behind the chicks to take shelter!

She eventually managed to pin the roach down (despite it’s best efforts) and fed chick number 1, who ate their share extremely quickly.

After a while the second chick got their fair share too, and not long later 33 bought in another fish, at around twenty to nine.

The rain set in heavily overnight, leaving us with a slightly soggy view on the webcam this morning, but the weather didn’t deter 33 – he was off to an early start, bringing the first fish of the day back just after 5am.

Soon after, Maya started feeding the chicks – not with the new delivery, but with some roach leftover from last night.

With one fish on the go and one on the nest still whole, you might imagine that 33 would relax for a while – but no! He bought a further 3 fish back to the nest, all before 9am. He then bought a 5th fish to the nest at around 2.30pm. Our chicks have been extremely well fed today!

We saw our 2 chicks bring themselves up to their full height this morning – they almost seemed to be squaring up to each other! Try as he might though, our younger chick couldn’t quite reach the lofty heights of chick 1. Maya soon came in with a stick delivery and the chicks settled back down.

Not long after this Maya bought a huge clump of hay to the nest. She seemed to want to place it in the centre of the nest, and didn’t let the fact that the chicks were lying there deter her! They were very well camouflaged for a while.

Hiding chicks

Where are they?

We also caught Maya on camera doing a bit of preening and removing a feather.

Our birds seemed to have enjoyed the slightly cooler weather today and have certainly been very active. It is set to heat up again over the next few days so we may see them returning to a slightly slower pace of life as the week goes on!

3 responses to “Can’t stop, won’t stop…fishing!”

  1. Christine Haines

    Lovely Lovely, day for Maya, 33, and the chicks.xx

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Holly. What a great update. So much action.

  3. Luc Soonius

    This is SO much better than Corrers 🙂