Catch of the day

Over the last few weeks we’ve become accustomed to 5R bringing in a bountiful supply of fish, specifically Roach. Well today he brought an enormous Bream back to Manton Bay. He flew off from the T perch and over towards Lagoon 1 at the Egleton side of the Nature Reserve. Minutes later he re-appeared carrying this huge Bream.

If we were to hazard a guess as to the weight it would be around the 2lb mark and about the largest fish an Osprey could catch and lift out of the water.

It was so heavy that he dragged it through the water before making his way to the fallen poplars on the far side of the bay. Losing his grip he then dropped the fish, right on top of a group of tufted duck. Fortunately he managed to retrieve it and deliver it whole to the nest.

John was in the hide and captured it all, we also managed to get a few video clips of when the Bream was delivered to the nest.

5R picking up the Bream after dropping it among the Tufted Ducks

5R carrying the Bream

5R heading to the nest after retrieving the Bream

5R delivers the fish to the nest

The Manton Bay female took it from him and after dragging it accross the nest she immediately began feeding the chicks. This was the fourth fish of the day and it has stayed on the nest for most of the afternoon. In fact, if you look on the webcam you will probably still see the tail end of it!

5 responses to “Catch of the day”

  1. Rachel

    I don’t think anyone told 5R that males are supposed to catch smaller fish than females – he only knows 2 sizes: ‘large’ and ‘whopper’!

    If 2lb is about the maximum an adult osprey can carry, how does that compare with average adult body weight?

  2. rob maye

    There are probably anglers who go to bed at night and dream of catching fish like that!!

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Lizzie I saw him on the nest with that fish and he was really struggling to move it around one footed. How great that John managed to get those shots.

  4. Sue Doran

    A fabulous series of photographs, congratulations to John – superb job!

  5. Sandra

    Loving these blogs, amazing photographs and videos. That fish was huge – just shows how strong Ospreys are, plus they have the power of aerodymanics and can lift prey with those big wings.