Catch of the day

If you have visited Waderscrape or Shallow Water hides in recent days, there’s every chance you’ll have been treated to great views of 5R fishing in Manton Bay. As John Wright’s fantastic photos show, it’s a brilliant place to watch the birds in action.

5R dives into the water in Manton Bay

5R dives into the water in Manton Bay...

...but misses this time

...but misses this time

After several unsuccessful dives yesterday morning, he lifted out of the water with…a crayfish! This is the first time we have seen a Rutland Osprey catch anything other than a fish at Rutland Water. It obviously took 5R by surprise because he dropped the crayfish as he flew back to the nest. So sadly we will never know how he would have tackled this potentially painful meal!

3 responses to “Catch of the day”

  1. Julie Waterman

    amazing wish we had been there to see it!!!

  2. Carol in Portland , Oregon

    wonderful photos and sketch.
    we are waiting for our ospreys to return from Mexico (we are here in Portland, Oregon USA) and we have set up an osprey cam (Ustream – Osprey Society) and facebook page (also osprey Society). I am posting updates from Rutland on our page while we watch and wait. We had one osprey land yesterday but not back today

  3. Web Design Nottingham

    Beautiful shots Tim! Really wish i was their too. Keep it up 🙂