Catching up

Yesterday evening 33 brought a huge roach to the nest, and once again 2AN took it straight from him, even giving Maya a peck when she approached to take the fish! 2AN got more than she bargained for though, as this roach was still alive – it twitched and flapped a few times and unsteadied her a little as she struggled to pin it down. She continued to eat it for a while before leaving it for Maya, who in the end fed both chicks.

2AN has continued to stretch her wings and we have had some fantastic helicoptering attempts over the past 24 hours. She definitely has the wings to fledge the nest now, she just needs the nerve to match!

Here she is focusing her eyesight and looking at what lies below the nest.

2AN is showing amazing progress, and so far has consistently been the bolder chick, but today 2AM had his time to shine too! He had his first successful helicoptering attempt this afternoon.

Additionally, when 33 brought a fish back at 16.12 this afternoon, Maya initially took the fish from him – but 2AM soon took it from Maya, beating 2AN to it! 2AN watched from the sidelines as 2AM tucked into the fish – a real role reversal from recent days where she has always been the first to get her share of the food.

Our parent birds have been busy too, dealing with intruding ospreys! In the video below you can see 33 mantling on the nest.

Now the chicks are near to fledging age, Maya and 33 don’t need to supervise them as closely as they once did, and when intruders appear they can be gone from the nest for a while as they chase them away. Twice today Maya left the nest for around 40 minutes to shoo off intruding birds. As she has been at the nest almost constantly since March, 33 isn’t used to her spending so much time away, and today he was keen to cement their bond on her return! Maya wasn’t having any of it though – doesn’t 33 know it isn’t March any more?!

Finally, here is a shot of our nest during this mornings sunrise – doesn’t it look beautiful!

sunrise 1

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  1. David

    Great videos, as usual! Thanx.