Rutland Osprey Blog

Cruising into Summer

The Easter holidays are in full swing, your to-do lists are getting longer and longer, whilst the creativity is dwindling for ideas to entertain your offspring.. well have no fear! Lyndon Visitor’s centre is here! We’re about to launch our Easter trail on our beautiful reserve which will teach families and kids all about new life and the baby animals you can expect to see out and about this Spring! The challenge is to find all 12 clues and put them all together to find the secret password! If you guess it right there’s a prize at the end! We also have an indoor fun Egg-themed fact finding challenge, should the weather be too foul or the little legs too tired! We will be running the trail from Monday 15th April till Sunday 28th April, it’s £3 a go, and in return you’ll receive activity sheets and a final prize of an Easter egg and official Rutland Osprey wristband! There’s plenty of other activities going on from the center too, including I-spy games, colouring and Osprey mask making.

Easter Poster 2

For when the madness of the Easter holidays have died down, and you’re wanting to get out and about, enjoy the beautiful spring and summer evenings, or the stunning bright mornings, we are also running a whole schedule of Osprey Cruises out on Rutland water! These 90 minute cruises will take you on a tour of Rutland water, showcasing the wildlife and history of the reserves, helping you relax but also inspiring you and perhaps you might see something you’ve never seen before! There’s even the chance to get refreshments on board and enjoy a glimpse of the infamous Ospreys! Check out our facebook page for the full list of events and book your place with us now! Places are selling fast! You can also find the info on the cruises on our main website ‘Book your cruise place’ page it’s a fantastic opportunity to unwind, learn about nature and see some fantastic wildlife up close as you’ve never seen it before!

See you there!

Maya goes Fourth…

All the excitement of the new spring and new life is all around us, we’re starting to warm up for Easter Sunday and prepare to consume our body-weight in Easter eggs… and Maya was celebrating with her own little calcium-bound jewels too, three beautiful eggs which she laid earlier this week! She looked fairly settled after the arrival of the third and we were all settled to wait it out until hatching date… But Maya had other ideas!

At 9.05 this morning, Maya had been shuffling around for half an hour after a swap over with 33… she stepped to one side and revealed a fourth egg! She better start piling on the pounds over Easter like we all will be, if she’s going to keep her energy levels up for rearing those hungry chicks when they hatch! With any luck they’ll all grow and fledge… looks like she’s going to be the owner of the 150th chick trophy this season! keep up the good work Maya we’re Egg-static up in Osprey HQ! (Sorry)

Wednesday updates

After a long night incubating her precious eggs to keep them toasty, Maya was ready for a break; this morning, 33 came back and took over from her at 10am whilst Maya flew off, returning 20 minutes later with some sticks for their nest!


Credit: Eleanor Hanning (work experience placement!)

Ground control to 4K, S1…

These two Ospreys have certainly been taking their protein pills and putting their helmets on… whilst we update the satellite tracking page, here’s an update on S1 and 4K’s movements as they wing it to the UK from their cosy overwintering retreats in West Africa.

 4K’s path from Guinea Bissau up to the Atlas mountains in Morocco

 S1, last seen just north of the Atlas Mountains herself, now moved on to the tropical climes of Peckham!

it truly is remarkable to be able to follow the journey of these incredible birds of prey across such enormous distances, and of course helps us better understand the threats and important areas for conservation across their migratory routes. Just waiting on 4K now to make the last leg!

Keeping up with the Ospreys

A brisk and windy old day in Manton Bay today ahead of the Easter holidays, and as we know Maya and 33 are proud parents of 3 eggs as of yesterday! They have been working around the clock incubating their precious cargo, and fussing over their interior decorating too! Here are a couple of stills from today to show you what they’ve been up to.. a nest swapover and those beautiful eggs underneath Maya!