Rutland Osprey Blog

33 defending his territory to the last

Our adult male, 33, has spent some time this morning bringing in more branches and maintaining his nest.

He also defended his territory when an unknown osprey flew over Manton Bay.

Maya and 33 remain – for now…..

Our 2019 season is drawing to a close and although the fledglings have gone it’s fantastic to still have the adult birds with us so we can enjoy watching them.

33 is determined to add sticks to the nest, flying in on a regular basis then rearranging them as he sees fit.

Maya has been food begging and today she gave up on 33 providing a meal and caught herself a trout.  33 fished too and both birds were seen eating the fish, perched in the poplars.

Let’s hope they stay for a few more days.


33 on a mission to maintain the nest

Both adult birds have been seen today.

33 has been especially active around the nest, bringing in a variety of branches. He lands, then rearranges them and spends time scrapping out the nest cup.

Food begging and a delivery

The adult birds are preparing for the off.

Maya is food begging almost constantly and relying on 33 to bring her food, today she succeeded and tucked into the remains of a trout that he had caught earlier.

Pre Migration Feast

Now the youngsters have left, the adults have time to prepare themselves for migration.

33 and Maya alternate between the nest and their favourite perches around the bay.

33 is keen to defend his territory and also maintain the general structure of the nest, bringing in sticks and adjusting those already there.

Maya caught herself a large trout, a useful protein-packed meal, she will be trying to increase her weight and improve her general condition before she leaves.  33 will do this too.