Chasing Gulls

After a relatively quiet day for our ospreys spent hunkered down in the high winds yesterday, they had a much busier evening as the winds began to calm slightly. As Kayleigh reported in yesterdays blog, 33 bought in a large fish at around 4.30pm – this meant a lengthy feed for our chicks and they almost completely finished the fish, leaving a small amount for Maya. Infact, when 33 landed on the nest to take his share at around 5.30pm, he instead got a view of Maya finishing off the tail end!

A short while later gulls began to mob the nest, and as you can imagine Maya wasn’t happy about it. Here she is leaving the nest to chase a gull that passes very nearby.

In this next video taken just a few seconds later, we can follow her as she chases a gull away, and then get a great view as she flies towards to nest from a distance (shortly followed by 2 gulls!). Despite the gulls passing straight overhead she stays on the nest from this moment on.

Not long after that, there were yet more intruders at the nest – this time, ospreys! Our Education team were down at Waderscrape hide at the time, showing the nest to a local pack of Beavers (children, not animals) and reported 2 ospreys flying low over the nest. Unfortunately they didn’t fly low enough for us to identify them on the webcam.

At 7.43pm 33 bought in another fish, this time eating the head before bringing it to the nest for Maya and the chicks. This fish kept the chicks going for the rest of the day, and they even had some leftover for breakfast this morning.

33 bought the first fish of the day in at 5.19am – it was quite a tiny one though and he soon followed it up with another at 7.03am…

…and another at 9.51am…

…and finally a really huge one at 11.18am!

Maya has been busy too, feeding and sheltering the chicks and continuing to build up the nest. She bought back a huge stick this morning and added it right to the front of the nest. Thankfully now the chicks are bigger we don’t have to worry about seeing them over the nest edge like we used to.

We’ve also had a visit from Stamford High School today, who spent some time in Waderscrape hide and spotted water vole, coot chicks, sedge warblers and of course our wonderful ospreys! Thank you for visiting Stamford High.

3 responses to “Chasing Gulls”

  1. christine haines

    Watch, 33 and Maya every day what good parents they are, lots of fish, and nest kept lovely, well done.xxxx

  2. Alison Copland

    I really love these blog entries, but one thing is niggling away at me. The past tense of ‘bring’ is ‘brought’ rather than ‘bought’ (past tense of ‘buy’). Whenever I read that 33 has ‘bought in a fish’ I imagine him popping into the local supermarket or fishmongers and buying one! And then hoping that Maya won’t notice. Sorry to sound like a schoolteacher… please keep up all the fantastic work you do!

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Constructive criticism welcome thank you Alison – my mistake! 🙂