Cheeky chicks

In Manton Bay today, the two chicks have had another relaxing day in this glorious summer weather. They are so big now they are almost adult size! Just look at this photograph of the larger chick next to Maya. Whilst it’s true the chick is slightly closer to the camera, and so may appear larger, you can still see just how big she has grown.

Chick next to Mum

There were a couple of intruders this morning at the nest, disturbing the peace. They circled the bay for a minute or two before flying away. Maya and 33 both alighted on the nest and mantled at their presence, but neither felt the need to chase them away. The ospreys were probably a couple of our young, unattached males, amusing themselves and checking out the area.

Fishing has been quite difficult for the ospreys today, possibly due to the heat, and the glare of the sun on the water which affects visibility. However, 33 went out early and caught a fish at 04:25 this morning, before it got too hot.

Both of this year’s chicks are proving to be very strong and bold, which bodes extremely well for their survival. A couple of days ago we saw the larger chick lunge twice at 33 trying to bite him, and she did it again today! Poor 33 looked quite alarmed, all he had done was bring in a stick and attempt to move it.

Chick lunges

It’s not just the larger chick who’s getting bolshy either, the smaller one bit Maya’s wing today as she was rearranging some nest material! Maya just ignored him though, completely unfazed.

Biting I bite you

It’s fantastic that the chicks are doing so well. It won’t be long before they are fitted with their leg rings – more on that tomorrow!

Chicks and Maya





4 responses to “Cheeky chicks”

  1. Viv Luscott

    So chuffed with all these lovely photos and such fantastic comment

  2. Viv Luscott

    hoping to come on a dawn cruise when we get back to UK

  3. C.A.L.

    Will the chick be ringed, and when please. ?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      The chicks will be ringed when they are around five and a half weeks old, so within the next week to ten days.