Clearing the way

The Lyndon work party team were out in force again on Monday! It was a beautiful cold, bright day, the end of autumn slowly leaking into winter. The leaves have almost all fallen, the last few clinging vainly onto frost-covered branches. It was a perfect day for carrying out a bit of woodland management work!

The volunteers kept warm chopping small hazel and dragging the smaller bits to the fire, which was also a great way of keeping warm! Many of the thicker stems were cut into lengths suitable for use as stakes, and some of these stakes were then used to build wire fences around the hazel stumps. This is a precaution intended to prevent rabbits and deer nibbling the new shoots, which is detrimental to the subsequent regrowth of the coppice stools. Other stakes will be used for hedgelaying and willow weaving on other projects around the reserve.

The cleared area looks fantastic now that there is more space and light, and the view is improved too!

Thank you very much to Sarah Box for the following photographs.

file-30-11-2016-10-06-01file-30-11-2016-10-08-45 file-30-11-2016-10-08-23 file-30-11-2016-10-09-16 file-30-11-2016-10-07-57

The team are incredibly hard working and have accomplished a lot of tasks in recent weeks on the Lyndon reserve. Some other work that has been completed recently includes trimming the hedge and the entrance archway around the picnic area, clearing the willow regrowth in the front meadow, and creating a dead-hedge along the path to Teal hide, using material from the adjacent recently coppiced area.

Here are some photographs of the workers! Thanks to Sarah Box for these.

img_0571img_0573 img_0572 img_0567img_0579 img_0582