Close to the edge

Chris and Nick have been spending the past week on the reserve as part of the voluntary aspect of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, and here is their update from today.

As anticipation builds, the chicks still decide to procrastinate from the dreaded first flight. During the past few days all three Osprey chicks have been regularly flapping their wings to give us a hint that the event that we have all been waiting for will occur in the near future. Even with their mothers best efforts to try and encourage them to take the plunge, they appeared to not have the bravery today. There was periods in the day where the youngsters looked ready to delve into the air but the best they seemed to be able to achieve was a jump, flap and a hover. At one point we saw one of the chicks hover upwards to heights of around 10 ft for roughly fifteen seconds. Many are on tenterhooks just the see this magnificent, and fairly breathtaking stage in a young birds life. But today clearly wasn’t the right time.