Close to you

What a beautiful day! The wind has picked up again today, but that sun has been wonderfully warm, and the Ospreys have been panting to keep cool on the nest. We know that Maya and 33 have formed a very close bond, and it’s wonderful to see them together on the nest. They seem to spend a lot of time sitting together, more than I have seen other Osprey pairs do. Several times in the past couple of weeks we have witnessed 33 sitting right next to Maya, as though they’re both incubating. Well he’s been at it again today! He just loves being on the nest and clearly longs to be close to Maya…

Together (3)

33 settles down on the nest

Together (1)

Sitting together

Together (2)

Falling asleep!


33 had brought in a tiny fish this morning, and they’d eaten it before we’d gotten in. This afternoon he was gone from the bay for well over an hour, and I thought, naturally, that he had gone fishing. However, when he came soaring back towards the nest at around 15:30, he had nothing!

33 lands on the nest

33 lands on the nest


Not to worry, though – not long after, the birds swapped over on the eggs and 33 disappeared off again!

Also, just in, here are some more photos from Geoff Harries of 33 fishing at Ryhall on Saturday!

New -Osprey 33 getting ready to diveNew - Osprey 33 takes fish from water New - Osprey 33 taking fish away 2  New - Osprey 33 looking at the trout


And here’s a shot taken by Joan Brady of 33 bringing in yesterday’s roach, and being chased by a gull!



6 responses to “Close to you”

  1. Karen

    Thanks Kayleigh for the update and for these beautiful photos. 33 and Maya just look fantastic together – a pleasure to watch.

  2. Margaret

    I just love seeing these two together on the nest. I’m sure 33 is going to be a very attentive and caring father once the chicks hatch! Many thanks, Kayleigh, for all your excellent updates, I really look forward to reading them.

  3. Mike Simmonds

    Kayleigh. Thank you for another Blog and EVEN MORE IMORTANT the return of the Post Comment button so we can all express our thanks in a proper manner. Many people have been sad not to have been able to comment and thank you and Tim and indeed others for their great reports.

  4. Lynette Foster

    A wonderful update with pictures to match. Nice to see everything is normal at Manton Bay and not like the happenings at LG.

  5. Chocoholix

    Another great blog Kayleigh – but I really think you now need to start compiling a ‘best bits’ video of Maya and 33 with a Carpenters soundtrack!!! 33 is just adorable with his mirrored incubating habit!

  6. Susan7

    33 and Maya – two Ospreys very much in love. enjoy reading the blogs and watching them of course.