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Yesterday morning we ran a “Guided Walk for the Nature Lover” here at the Lyndon Nature Reserve. Despite the rain it was well attended and much enjoyed! Of course, the absence of sunshine meant there was a lack of butterflies, but there was plenty of other wildlife to see nonetheless. Some of the highlights were Reed Bunting, Bullfinch, Common-Spotted Orchid, Meadow Buttercup, Chimney Sweeper (day-flying moth), Little Egret, Water Vole, Great Crested Grebes displaying to each other, and of course, my all-time-favourite the Ospreys!

Both Maya and 33(11) were present in the Bay, sitting on various perches around the nest. 33(11) attempted to fish, but pulled out of his dive at the last second, so only his feet touched the water. He tried to mate with Maya on the T-perch, but failed, and then just sat next to her for a while, which provided a great opportunity for a comparison between the male and female in size and markings.

Later, 33(11) was perched on the fallen poplar, and Maya flew across and alighted on the end of his branch. 33(11) immediately lifted off and moved towards her, we thought he was going to try to mate with her again. However, he didn’t, he just sat next to her and gazed at her longingly. It seems he just wanted to be closer to her!

It is lovely to see that this pair has bonded so well. When 33(11) first came along, he seemed unsure of Maya and wasn’t particularly attentive, and we weren’t sure how things were going to turn out. Luckily, things have worked out for the best. 33(11) has definitely made this nest his own, what with all of his enormous stick additions, and he has also bonded well with Maya, finally. They spend a lot of time sitting next to each other, and seem comfortable together now. This is really nice to see, and means that next year, all being well, they will be back here together to breed.

Here are a few photographs of them sitting happily together.

33 and Maya on the camera perch

Maya and 33 looking settled on the nest

Heads will turn...




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  1. Christine

    Love this most interesting, informative post and photos!