Closer to the edge

What an exciting day it has been at Lyndon! Both our chicks have been spending a lot of time stretching their wings and flapping. At around 12.20pm this afternoon, Anna, one of our volunteers in Waderscrape Hide, called the centre to say that 2AN had just helicoptered above the nest – we looked back at the footage and at one point 2AN’s feet are completely out of view!

Where's 2AN?

Where’s 2AN?

2AN is now 51 days old – osprey chicks usually fledge at 53 days, so it will be interesting to see if she waits until Wednesday. Her successful helicoptering this afternoon was preceded by a few attempts yesterday, including one where she teeters close to the edge of the nest!

In this video from yesterday evening, 2AN has a go at wing flapping and 2AM follows her lead.

2AM isn’t far behind his sister and will soon be helicoptering himself! Here he is this morning flapping his wings and jumping around the nest.

For now though, 2AN is definitely the dominant bird. Yesterday evening at 18.30 33 brought a fish to the nest, 2AN took it from him immediately and almost completely finished it off! When 2AM attempted to eat a bit, he got a peck from 2AN.

Eventually, 2AN had finished her share – leaving 2AM with just the tail for dinner!

Thankfully, at 19.38 33 brought another fish to the nest, a huge roach, and this time Maya got to it first. 2AM got a very good feed, and later 2AN got a little more too.

Some of last nights roach was still on the nest this morning when 33 brought the first fish of the day in at 4.25am.

As well as regular feeds, our chicks have been kept occupied by the nesting material their parents have been bringing to the nest. Yesterday evening 2AN spent quite a while decorating 2AM with hay! We aren’t sure why she did this, although it certainly added to 2AM’s already excellent camougflage.

A few minutes later she pulled the hay over herself too.

Eventually even Maya got involved!

To end today’s blog, here is 33 having a wash in Manton Bay this afternoon – watch the area behind the nest, he swoops down twice! It’s so great to see this behaviour from the nest camera, as usually this is a view reserved for the people in Waderscrape Hide.

4 responses to “Closer to the edge”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Holly for yet another detailed blog. Ironic that the helicoptering should take place as the streaming was being problematic and the very issue of fledging being discussed!

  2. Sheila Elliott

    What a wonderful blog, despite the time going far too quickly!

  3. Sue Redfern

    Loving reading this, first time for me seeing these chicks since they were eggs only started following this year and I’m fascinated ?

  4. Paticia Selman

    A brilliant blog Thank you