Come and see the Manton Bay pair this Easter weekend

The Manton Bay female and 5R have been in the bay this morning. Here is a clip of the pair on the nest earlier today with 5R nest scraping.

Tim will post an update later today of our morning spent watching them from Shallow Water hide and Michelle will have the latest from Site B

Come down and visit Lyndon Visitor Centre this Easter weekend to see the pair in Manton Bay.

2 responses to “Come and see the Manton Bay pair this Easter weekend”

  1. Ken Whiting

    Can I ask, do you know where last years two young from Manton are, and when are they likely to return. Regards Ken Whiting

    1. Tim

      Hi Ken,

      If they survived their first migration, then last year’s Manton Bay chicks will still be in West Africa (although they’re not satellite tagged so we don;t know for sure). They will stay there all of this year before returning to Rutland Water for the first time next spring.

      Best wishes