Come cruising with us!

There are few more spectacular sights than an Osprey diving, talons-outstretched, into the water to catch a fish. It’s something you have a great chance of seeing if you join us for an Osprey Cruise on the Rutland Belle. In the past we have been treated to some truly amazing views of fishing Ospreys, some of whom have caught fish less than 100 metres from the boat.

5R(04) fishing

This summer we’ll be setting sail on eighteen hour-and-a-half cruises around the reservoir. On each trip we’ll visit the various different parts of the reservoir the birds favour for fishing – at the best time of day to see them in action. Of course sightings of fishing Ospreys can’t be guaranteed but one thing you are assured of is a very warm welcome from the Osprey team and an entertaining and informative evening learning about Rutland Water and its superb wildlife.  That coupled with spectacular views of the reservoir should make it an evening to remember.

The Rutland Belle

We meet for evening cruises at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre at Egleton where you will be greeted with a cup of tea and coffee. An introductory talk – normally lasting around 40 minutes – will then give you the full low-down on the project, from the early days of the translocation, to satellite-tracking migration and the more recent breeding successes. We then ask you to drive to Whitwell Harbour where we set-sail for the cruise.

In addition to our evening cruises, we’re also running four dawn cruises, departing from Whitwell Harbour at 6am.   Each of the early cruises is followed by breakfast at the Birdwatching Centre at Egleton.

The first of our cruises is this coming Saturday and there are still places available. To book your seat, click here or phone 01572 737378 and ask for a member of the Osprey team. You won’t regret it!

4 responses to “Come cruising with us!”

  1. clare baker

    where do I find dates e t c for the osprey cruises?

    1. Tim
  2. karen

    I have booked for the dawn cruise 21st July. This will be my third and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It takes a lot to get me up at 3am but if I could I would start every day with a dawn osprey cruise


    1. Tim

      Thanks for your kind comments, Karen. Look forward to seeing you bright and early on 21st July!