Come fly with me

Less rain and more wind were apparently the order of the day! Unfortunately, the wind has blown the feather back down onto the camera lens, which obstructs the view slightly. The Spotted Crake was still drawing people in, though it was only seen once this morning, and not since. The Ospreys of course are the main attraction here, for most people. Both 33(11) and Maya are still here, and have spent some time bringing sticks to the nest. There is no doubt that both of these birds have a strong tie to this nest, and they are ensuring that it remains theirs!

33 moving another stick

33 moving a stick

Synchronised nest building

Synchronised nest building


At one point in the video below, 33 lifts off from the nest, then attempts to land on Maya’s back! She was not impressed – this is no time for mating! 33’s instincts are working alright, just not always at the right time. Unfortunately, due to the feather at the top of the screen, it is hard to see what 33 is doing, but you can just see a flash of his legs at the top of the screen, and judging by Maya’s behaviour, it is apparent he is attempting to mate. He also tried this yesterday, though I was unable to video it.

There was an intruding Osprey in the Bay this morning, whom one visitor believed to have been 28(10), due to a perceived kink in the wing. However, our volunteer didn’t notice any wing damage. Therefore, perhaps it wasn’t 28… Whoever this intruder was, Maya and 33(11) did not appear to show any animosity towards it, and although all three Ospreys were flying around above the nest together, there did not seem to be any malice in their actions. According to watchers, it looked as though they were all just having a fly around together. All three Ospreys left the Bay after a while, then Maya and 33 returned a little later, with sticks for the nest.

A few weeks ago, we all thought it was a bit strange that the two-year-old male, 8F(12), was seen sitting next to 33 on the leaning perch, and all three Ospreys seemed quite settled. We have seen how attached to the nest this pair are, and they have aggressively chased away intruders from the area quite often. So why were they happy to let 8F sit with them in the Bay, and why did they not show more hostility to today’s intruder? We do not know. Perhaps this pair have a soft spot for 8F, and it was he, and not 28(10), who was intruding today.

33(11) moving a stick

33 grabbing an errant stick