Comings and goings in the bay

It’s been a beautiful warm, sunny day in Rutland; just the sort of day that you would expect a young Osprey to set out on migration. And 8F may have done just that. He flew west from Manton Bay at 9:45 this morning and hasn’t been back since. So could he have left? We won’t know for sure until later this evening, but it certainly seems a possibility.

In 8F’s absence, 9F has spent much of the day food-begging on the nest. It’s been a long wait for the young female because her parents were absent from the bay for several hours from 11:35am when they chased 11(10) – one of the two-year-old Ospreys who first returned earlier this summer – away from the nest.

Having said that, 9F hasn’t been on her own all the time. Shortly before midday an adult male appeared over the nest and landed on one of the t perches nearby. It was obviously nervous and it’s gleaming white underside suggested it wasn’t 5R – he has a fairly pronounced breast band. Instead, it turned out to be 06(09). 06 is one of four three-year-old Ospreys to have returned to Rutland this summer. Unlike his compatriots from that year though, 06’s visits have been rather more sporadic, making us wonder if he has set up a territory elsewhere. Last year he spent six weeks at Fishlake Meadows in Hampshire; so perhaps he has been summering further south?  Whatever the case, he spent over three hours in the bay today, the majority of which spent looking intently into the water below the t perch; evidently watching fish swimming beneath him. 9F, meanwhile, continued to food-beg on the nest, clearly oblivious to the fact that it was highly unlikely she’d be getting any fish from 06!

9F food-begging

06(09) circling over Manton Bay

Eventually another three year-old bird, 03(09) flew over and both he and 06 headed off north together, leaving 9F alone in the bay once more. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that her mother finally arrived in the bay with a Roach. Interestingly though, there is still no sign of 8F…