Comparisons, Comparisons

Today I, along with Harry and Max, who are also on Work Experience, were tasked with entering data into a spreadsheet and analysing the results to find averages of how often 5R(04) and 03(97) catch fish and how often they are away from the nest in June.  We thought you would be interested in knowing the differences and similarities between 5R(04)’s and 03(97)’s feeding patterns.

Firstly, 5R brought around 66 fish in during the month consisting mainly of Trout, Roach, Pike and Bream, although there could be other species that have not been identified, for instance Rudd. The most popular fish 5R brought in was Trout with a percentage of 50 and the least popular was Bream with a percentage of 2.

On the other hand 03 brought in just over 80 fish again mainly consisting of Trout, Roach, Pike and Bream but also had brought in a Rudd.  The most common fish that 03 caught was again Trout with a percentage of 43 but the least common fish caught was Rudd with a percentage of 1.  The difference between how many fish they are both bringing in could be due to the fact 03 has three chicks to feed while 5R only has two.

In total 5R has been away from the nest for around 5297 minutes, which is 88 hours, and is just over three and a half days!  The average time he has been away from the nest is 45 minutes and during this time the probability that 5R brings back a fish is 0.56 (56{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58}) which is just over half.  The reason 5R isn’t bringing more fish back is again there are less mouths to feed.

03 has been away from the nest longer with huge length of 6359 minutes, when transferred into hours is 105 and when changed into days is around four and a half!! This is an amazing amount of time and the average time he spends away from the nest is 61 minutes but the probability he brings back a fish is 0.67 (67{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58}).

Overall the differences are generally about how many times fish is brought in which depends on the family size and the similarities are the type of fish caught although this is just down to luck and aim.