Competition time!

Last year we ran a competition at the beginning of the season, asking you all to guess when you think the first Osprey will arrive in Manton Bay. As it was so successful, we’ve decided to do it again this season!

So, the question is: When will the first Osprey arrive in Manton Bay this year?

The Osprey must land on the nest and be verified by a member of staff.

Please guess the date and a specific time, and the closest one will win two vouchers for an Osprey cruise on the Rutland Belle!

Submit your answers either on here or on our Facebook page. Please only guess once, this needs to be fair!

Many thanks, and happy guessing!

Leaving for her first fishing expedition

The Manton Bay female, Maya, arrived back on 17 March last year


81 responses to “Competition time!”

  1. Sally Bell

    I hope March 13th at 2.35 pm (Just as I arrive for my first visit of the season)

  2. Steve Howey

    20th March at 0630

  3. Antony Pooles

    Tuesday 17th March 4.45pm

  4. Lynda Cooper

    16th March 11.50 am

  5. Ali E

    19th March 2015 @ 13:58

  6. Mike Wish

    March 17 4.44 pm

  7. Lorely Nash

    Can’d wait for Maya to come back. My guess is 18th March 2015 at 2.45 p.m.

  8. Chris Williams

    March 19th 08.50 a.m

  9. Eddie Mchugh

    19 March 11.35am

  10. Lolly Forbes

    25th March @ 11.25am

  11. Allison Conlon

    12th March 9.43am

  12. Sian Cheverton

    March 17th 2015 at 11.05

  13. Mary Carter

    23 March at 10.33am

  14. Mike Tew

    First Osprey to be seen back home in Manton Bay
    will be Maya on Tuesday 17th March, 2015 at 06.18am

  15. Sarnie Thompson

    March the 16th at 8.42am

  16. Mike K

    16th March at 13:47

  17. Jo Talbott

    March 22nd @ 11.25am

  18. William

    Sunday March 15th – 10.45am

  19. Ken Whiting

    18th March at 12.15pm

  20. fsm

    The first one will return on the 18th March 2015 at 11 am

  21. Beverley Lott

    16th March 2015, 10:30am

  22. Peter Simpson

    I think the time & date will be

    27 March 15:31

  23. Mike Coleman

    22nd March 09:15

  24. Gill Blood

    My guess is : 17th March @ 11.21am

  25. JillyP

    Monday 16th March 2015 at 10.30 am

  26. Mark Sims

    Saturday 14th March 10.30 am

  27. Nan K

    I think first osprey back will be on 17th March at 9.37am

  28. chris

    osprey to arrive bk 13/03/2015 @ 14.10hrs…

  29. john

    arrive bk sunday 15th march at 15:30

  30. summer thompson

    18/03/15 7:35am

  31. Eric Nye

    Has to be 16th March, but time?….15.42. I arrive on 21/03/15 at 15.00!