Concern over T6

If you’ve been watching the webcam over the past 12 hours or so, you’l have seen that T6 hasn’t moved from the back of the nest. She looks very unsteady on her feet, and has spent much of the time with her eyes closed and head drooped.  We’re not sure exactly what is wrong with the young female, but it seems likely that she has contracted some kind of illness.

We have decided that the best course of action is to let nature take its course. The Manton Bay nest is very difficult to access and we are concerned that if we attempt to intervene we may actually do more harm than good. For the time being we will continue to monitor the situation closely, and hope that T6 improves.

T6 has been perched at the back of the nest since yesterday afternoon

T6 has been perched at the back of the nest since yesterday afternoon

13 responses to “Concern over T6”

  1. Kate Waterton

    That is so sad and must be a heartbreaking decision to take. Let’s hope she improves

  2. Karen elizabeth

    So sorry to hear this. I do hope she pulls through. Such a shame and very difficult to watch but I agree it’s usually best to let nature take its course. Thinking of you all. You do a fantastic job. Looking forward to my dawn cruise on 7th August. Hoping to see a fully recovered T6 but will enjoy seeing the Manton bay family come what may. Good luck little feathered girl x

  3. Trevor Maddy

    Hoping she snaps out off it whatever is wrong. Love these birds and also Al other raptors.

  4. Wendy

    Yes, I noticed how still and unmoving she seemed to be last night.

    She looks a little more alert this morning, but still isn’t moving much.

    I do hope that she will be all right and get over whatever it is that ails her.

  5. Andy

    Poor thing, beaming my love to her. One of the young ‘uns spent much of a day just like this, about a week or 10 days ago, looked utterly miserable in the rain. It looked like an uncomfortable digestive problem from the way the bird twitched; not apparent this time though. Do they over-eat sometimes?

  6. Winnie Lisowski

    Wonder if T6 has some sort of injury

  7. kathy

    Trying to eat now

  8. Jenny Cartwright

    Get better soon T6.

  9. Katie

    I have been concerned about this chick for a while now. Just something didnt look quite right. Yes, nature must follow its course. Sad but true.

  10. Caroline

    Any news on T6? She seemed to leave the nest late yesterday, Sunday evening. Later I saw a chick eating virtually an entire fish but I couldn’t see if it was her or not.
    The nest seems to have been empty today, I am hoping that is a good sign.

  11. Ray Hollingworth

    Have been watching the chicks from the egg to the fledging stage on a regular basis and are deeply saddened by the news of T6. Please could you give the nest watches an update on the progress or otherwise of T6 as we have no other way of finding out. Thank you.

  12. Jenny Still

    Sad news if she is poorly or injured – she was doing so well. She started doing this on Saturday afternoon I think but we thought she was just resting or hungry – when she sat on the nest it was as if to say ‘give me my supper’ because there was no record of any fish being brought in that day so far. They’d also been practising flying so maybe she injured herself? If she’s ill, let’s hope it’s not something she can pass on.
    Fingers crossed all will be well.

  13. Jenny Still

    5.10pm Monday. On webcam – nest is empty – do hope that’s good news.