Cool change

It’s been a bit cooler today for the chicks up there on the nest in Manton Bay. They have been moving around a lot more than they have over the past few days, when the only time they moved was to eat! It was just too hot and humid for them to feel energetic enough to do much else. Here’s a massive roach from yesterday – unfortunately Maya is facing into the wind and shielding most of the fish from our view, but you can just about see how huge it is!

Today the chicks have been attempting to stand up and walk, nibbling at sticks at the side of the nest, stretching those long wings and preening themselves. They are still not all that steady on their large feet, and need to use their wings to balance!

Chick with stick

It’s been a bit wet for them today, too, with several showers. Maya attempted to cover them all to keep them dry, without much success. At this age, though, they have more feathers and are now able to regulate their own temperature, therefore it doesn’t adversely affect them to be out in the rain. It won’t be long until they’re fully feathered – only another week! Here is a close-up video of the chicks, sitting facing the camera for a change instead of looking over the opposite edge of the nest!


We’re looking forward to our first dawn osprey cruise of the season tomorrow morning! This one has sold out, as has the next dawn cruise on 2nd July. However, there are two more after that, on 30th July and 7th August. Click here for more information!

Sunrise over the Rutland Belle