Countdown to hatching

If you’re anything like the Rutland Ospreys team, the chances are you’ll be glued to the webcam. We’re now on day 37 of incubation, meaning the first egg could hatch at any time. This is always an incredibly exciting time of year and so we’re all keeping a very close eye on 5R and his mate, for clues. If all has gone to plan then the chicks will now be calling from inside the eggs and using their egg tooth to tap on the egg shell. Our high-definition camera means we’ll be able to zoom in on the eggs and, fingers crossed, see the whole process in amazing detail. Keep watching the webcam. We all will be!

5R with the three eggs this morning. When will the first one hatch?

One response to “Countdown to hatching”

  1. Sue Doran

    I noticed she was sitting on eggs a couple of days ago and wondered when they were laid, so I’m really pleased to see this posting letting me know how many days its been. Last year I only started watching a few days after hatching so I’m really excited by this, it’s going to be difficult to get any work done! Good luck little ones!