Cruises for Christmas

Christmas is coming! Well, it is in six weeks. Everywhere you look people are getting ready – restaurants are advertising Christmas bookings, shops are offering special deals on gifts and food, some people already have decorations up, Christmas music is being played in social venues, and channel five are showing Christmas films all day every day!

There is still plenty of time to purchase presents, send cards and decorate dwellings. It’s never too early for present buying, though, and it’s best to be prepared! If you’re stuck for a gift, the Osprey Project have vouchers on sale for cruises in 2017, which make great Christmas presents. Cruises take place weekly on Saturdays from the end of May to the end of August each year, and Wednesday cruises begin in July. There are 18 cruises altogether throughout the season, 15 are afternoon cruises and three take place at dawn. Dawn cruises end with a cooked breakfast!

Cruises are a fabulous way of seeing ospreys flying and potentially fishing in Rutland Water. The population of ospreys in Rutland is at an all-time high, at seven breeding pairs and half a dozen unattached individuals. Therefore there is an excellent chance of getting great views of these birds. In addition to osprey sightings, cruises are a great way of seeing Rutland Water from an entirely different perspective, and learning about the reservoir, its wildlife and history.

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Vouchers are not date-specific, so the recipient can book a date of their choice. We can personalise the vouchers by putting names on, too.

Afternoon osprey cruise vouchers can be purchased by clicking here.

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Osprey fishing at Rutland WaterRutland Belle