Dad, I’m hungry!

This morning saw the last of this season’s Nature Rides. In conjunction with Rutland Cycling we have held three guided rides during the year. Starting at the Giant store in Normanton and heading to the Lyndon Nature Reserve we look at the creation of the reservoir and the wildlife it has become home to, and of course keeping our eyes open for a fishing Osprey along the way. After a quick chat in the centre about the Rutland Osprey Project and a look back at the year’s highlights it was straight on to Waderscrape hide to view the Ospreys.

Unfortunately due to this mornings downpour (which we got caught in the middle of!), we had a few people pull out last minute but for the hardy few who joined us it was worth a soggy start and we had great views of all five Manton Bay Ospreys and were rewarded with a sunny ride back to Normanton.

Keep your eyes open for more of these events in the 2014 season.


Throughout the time we spent in the hide, and for the majority of the afternoon, all three juveniles have been food begging incessantly. Sometimes they have returned to the nest and at others they have followed 5R around Manton Bay calling to him from various perches. None of this however has prompted him to bring back any fish for them. On several occasions he has left the bay only to return empty handed. Mike, our volunteer in Waderscrape hide, was, after 5R’s fifth trip away, tiring from writing ‘5R returns, no fish’ as he recorded the comings and goings of the birds this morning.

Perhaps, as if often the case as we get towards the end of the season, he has purposefully reduced his fishing efforts to encourage his offspring to begin thinking about fending for themselves in preparation for when they set off on their migration. The Manton Bay female is obviously opting for a softer approach as she delivered another large trout first thing this morning.

Here is a clip from earlier where you can clearly see two of the Manton Bay youngsters chirping continuously in a bid to encourage 5R to go fishing.