Deja vu

This time last week when phoning our volunteers to confirm their shifts we were commenting that it may well be the last duties of the season as two of the Manton Bay juvenilles had already left and that it wouldn’t be long unitl 5R, the Manton Bay female and 3J would also be heading south. But here we are a week later,  and we’ve just had the same conversations all over again.

So with September arriving tomorrow (and according to some visitors Christmas is almost here – their words not mine!) we’ll just have to keep guessing as to how long they might be here for.

For 3J, life in Manton Bay goes on as normal. Still she sits food begging in the nest, waiting impatiently for her next meal, a now familiar image for all who have been watching her. This morning 3J and the Manton Bay female shared a large trout which 5R brought in, but this afternoon 5R dropped onto the nest with a large fish, stayed on the nest for 30 seconds and then took off  taking his catch with him. Bit mean Dad!