Difficult fishing? Not for 5R

Another day of gusty winds and squally showers today; just the sort of conditions that usually make fishing difficult for Ospreys. As you can see in the video below, the water below the nest is extremely discoloured – a result of the heavy rain of the past few days. This combined with the gusty wind can’t have made fishing very easy for 5R. That said, he did manage to catch two large trout yesterday and another this morning. He’s also done his fair share of incubating – it’s him in the video below.

The conditions of the past couple of days contrast greatly with what the birds expereince on their wintering grounds in West Africa and it made me think back to the last morning of our trip to Gambia and Senegal in January. We spent a brilliant few hours on Tanji beach watching Ospreys plucking fish from the sea, seemigly at will. Here’s the video diary we recorded that morning.