Domestic bliss!

5R and the Manton Bay female have been busy today. Earlier this morning, as 5R(04) was incubating, the female brought in some nest material and spent a good while trying to manoeuvre it around her mate as he sat comfortably in the nest. After rearranging some sticks she did her best to nudge him off the eggs to take over incubation but he wasn’t quite ready and continued to sit while she took off to a nearby perch.

This afternoon 5R brought in a large trout and delivered it, almost whole, to the female.

After feasting on it for quite some while the pair must have been full as you can see the tail end in the nest alongside 5R as he spends more time on the eggs.

Over the last couple of days there have been regular sightings of intruding ospreys in Manton Bay. While it doesn’t seem to be upsetting 5R and his mate too much they have been making sure the birds have moved on fairly promptly.