Donovan is almost home

As I reported yesterday, several of the WOW Ospreys are still heading north. One of them is Donovan, a male Osprey from New Hampshire in the United States. Having spent the winter in Venezuela he set-off north on 10th March. As Iain MacLeod from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center reports, he is now almost home; in fact he should be back today, and Iain will be there to greet him!

April 3, 2014

Donovan is on the home stretch. He’s made good progress in the last couple days. On Tuesday, he made a big push of 285 miles and breezed through Virginia and Maryland and into Pennsylvania. By yesterday morning he had 259 miles to home. At 10am he was perched next to a small pond 20 miles north-east of Allentown, PA, so I suspect he was having breakfast. He should be back today and I’ll be there to welcome him home.

Donovan 040214

Don;t forget that you can also check out Donovan’s latest location, on our interactive WOW map.