Don’t blame it on sunshine

Haven’t the chicks grown?! Raptor chicks develop incredibly fast. They are already becoming more active, shuffling round the nest on their bellies using their little wings to propel them! One chick in particular seems to have grown the most, and there is a smaller one of the three, but this always happens and the smaller chicks tend to catch up with the bigger ones fairly quickly. It’s no surprise, really, that these chicks are growing so quickly, when you consider that they are being fed pure protein, and lots of it! 33 is delivering masses of fish, and Maya is happily feeding their cute little faces with it! This morning, 33 brought in an enormous roach – the fish was so big there was still some left at half past three!

Huge roach

Chicks snuggling up to the big fish

Chicks snuggling up to the big fish


We don’t usually see much aggression between the osprey chicks in Manton Bay, there is so much food there’s always enough to go around, therefore there’s no need to squabble over it. However, today we saw a bit of aggression from the larger chick towards the other two. It had been fast asleep whilst Maya fed the others a bit more roach, and then it woke up it seemed to smell the fish on its siblings’ beaks, and realised it had missed out! It wasn’t very happy to say the least, and took out its anger on its brothers/sisters. A case of “how dare you eat fish without me!” Maya soon fed it, so all was OK in the end.

33 took the big fish away to eat a couple of times, always bringing it back to the chicks and Maya when he’d had enough. They do a very good job of sharing out the food! The chicks spent most of the day sleeping off each portion of roach they ate, usually on top of each other in a bunch, underneath Maya when it was chilly, and in her shadow when it got warm.


It’s been a beautiful day, and the reserve is slowly and subtly changing with each coming week. The meadows are filling up with buttercups, and will soon be resplendent in yellow!


One of my favourite things at Lyndon is the wild garlic (ramsons) that lines the path from the door of the centre to the main track. The smell that greets you as you open the door is wonderful!


Pete Murray, education officer and photographer, is running a series of photographic walks at Lyndon in the coming months, to take advantage of the reserve’s beauty and the opportunities this time of year offers in terms of taking pictures. The dates of these walks are 28th May, 18th June and 16th July. Click here for more details and to book!

Our first osprey cruise of the season – 28th May – is now sold out, as is our next dawn cruise. The next available afternoon cruise is on 4th June, and there are only three spaces left on it – click here to book them!

All cruise dates can be viewed by clicking here.

Before we set off for a 2014 Dawn Cruise, by passenger Valerie Webber

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