Don’t drop the fish

If you have been watching the webcam, reading the updates or have visited Lyndon in the past few days, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Manton Bay Ospreys are still here! They are very relaxed and comfortable sitting around the bay on the various perches, and the juveniles still come to the nest occasionally.

S3 on the nest today

S3 on the nest today


These juveniles have had it easy so far, but one day soon their migratory instinct will kick in, and they will follow that irrepressible urge to fly south to warmer climes. The only question is when that will be!

You may remember that we had a special presentation during the Birdfair. On Sunday afternoon, the Osprey education team launched their new book – “Be and Osprey Expert”, written by Jackie and Pete Murray. Also at this presentation, a group of pupils from Brooke Priory School performed an Osprey song that they had made, specially for the Rutland Ospreys! Brooke Priory have been very involved in the Osprey Project and World Osprey Week (WOW), and have embraced Ospreys as part of their learning at school. We are very pleased to share their special Osprey song!

3 responses to “Don’t drop the fish”

  1. vi robinson

    Well done children. Loved your interpretation

  2. Rik

    That was utterly brilliant!

  3. lam

    Well done Brooke Priory school, that was a great performance!