Down to Two

The week started out like any other, however, last night the third and smallest chick started to deteriorate, and this morning it was clear that it had died. The third chick hatched two days after its youngest sibling, which made it obviously smaller than the older two. Despite this all three chicks seemed to be doing really well and Maya was feeding each equally.


Things started to change when, yesterday afternoon 33 delivered a rather large clump of hay, Maya had already delivered a few clumps herself. However, this last clump swallowed up two of the chicks and for a while they were not visible. Later on 33 brought in a fish, this seemed to spur the chicks on,  first it was the bigger one that managed to pop his head out from the hay for a feed, then a few moments later the smallest chick just about managed to break free.


However, this was not enough, the two stranded chicks were now stuck on the other side of the nest, away from the nest cup and Mayas warmth. The bigger chick valiantly battled his way through the hay and fortunately his larger size and strength seemed to help and eventually he ended up back under Maya.  


The smaller chick was not so lucky, he put up a good fight trying to make his way back to the nest cup, but unfortunately did not make it. The chick was left out from under Maya for the rest of the night, although we had a warm day the night was cold and windy, meaning that the chick would have quickly cooled without Maya’s warmth.

The osprey team monitored the chick overnight and by morning it was clear the chick was dead and there was no action that could help without putting the remaining chicks at risk. It’s a real setback for Manton Bay and upsetting when you see the loss of a chick you’ve been watching for weeks, but on the positive side we still have two healthy chicks, both of which are looking very well fed!