Early Bird Catches the Worm

This morning the whole team was up early to catch one of my favourite wildlife spectacles, the dawn chorus. I was up and out the house by 4:30 making my way along the winding country roads to the Lyndon Centre, my headlight cutting through the peacefulness of the night. Before I had even made it to the nature reserve I had been treated to sightings of a hare and a barn owl.

Getting out of my car the Lyndon Centre was already lit up with welcoming lights, other blurry-eyed staff members and brave members of the public were inside; Joe Davis, the Senior Reserve Officer and Jeff Davies, a regular volunteer, each led a group out into the cold morning. As we walked down the tracks the light seem to seep through the cloud and slowly the world came to life. Even with the less than ideal weather we heard chiff chaff, black cap, garden warbler, tree creeper and even a grasshopper warbler, just to name a few.

Seeing the world in the dim light of the morning was beautiful, it gave us a chance to enjoy the euphony of sounds without any interruption or distraction (apart from the odd early morning joggers). The morning was topped off with a much needed breakfast provided by Paul Stammers (Information Officer) and provided a chance to watch the birds on the feeders enjoy their breakfast.

Manton Bay

One of the highlights of any guided walk at Lyndon is the ospreys; the pair is still patiently sitting on the nest wait for the eggs to hatch. Today has been particularly difficult as the wind has been whipping round the nest, causing the camera perch to wobble quite precariously.

The weather has not stopped 33 from providing fish and sticks for Maya. This morning he brought in a small fish which Maya quickly took off the nest to eat alone.

Shortly after 33 brought in a rather awkward stick, however in this wind he must be applauded as he did very well to get it all the way up to the nest!

As always Maya has had to work pretty hard to get 33 off the eggs when his turn at incubating is over, but who can blame him, in this weather it must be quite nice to hunker down in the nest cup out of the wind for a little while.