Early Easter Egg

Today we had an Early Easter present in the shape of Maya laying her first egg! She was on and off the nest all night, but at 06:09 this morning she stood up to reveal the first egg of the season. To the best of our knowledge this is the earliest an egg has ever been laid in the U.K. 



The pair have been doing great today, 33 is being the perfect father helping with the house work and even took over incubating a few times. However, it is Maya who has been doing most of the incubation, no doubt saving her energy for the next egg which will hopefully arrive in the next few days. 





With an egg in the nest it feels as though the osprey season is in full swing, we hope this will be the first of many more eggs!

Maya and 33 are way ahead of many of the ospreys, as you can see 30 our tracked osprey has only just entered France! However, she is still doing well, she crossed the Strait of Gibraltar at around 18:00 on the 23rd March and as of 20:00 on the 27th of March is already into France! 


2 responses to “Early Easter Egg”

  1. suzie

    Thanks for the post Anya!
    It’s good to know 30 is nearly home … she seems to have been on her way for quite a while!

  2. Sheila FE

    Great to know that 30 is now making more progress. Not long now. I see she is near a large reservoir/pond! Let’s hope they are osprey-friendly in the area!