Easter Egg Hunt!

Manton Bay 

This year the osprey team are having a very exciting Easter, each day this week we have been avidly hunting for eggs! We were reward on Wednesday when Maya laid her first egg, which is one of the earliest ever recorded. Ospreys usually lay their eggs a couple of days apart, which means Maya and 33 could have a very special Easter egg this year! 

As usual the pair have been doing really well, with both Maya and 33 taking turns incubating. 33 had been very busy, as when ever Maya can get him off the egg, he is out fishing. 

It hasn’t just been ospreys causing the excitement on the reserve this week, we have also had reports of two great northern divers, redpoll and even a Slavonian grebe. 


30 satellite tracked osprey 

30 our tracked osprey is still in France, she is making great progress at this rate she should be back in the U.K. in the next couple of days. On the 28th of March she roosted near a small lake, so hopefully shes managing to catch plenty of fish to keep her going on the last leg of her migration. 

One response to “Easter Egg Hunt!”

  1. Sheila FE

    She loves her roosts near water. I wonder why! LOL 27 March roost was also by a large pond, reservoir.