Easter Ospreys- Ambassadors Osprey Club on Easter Sunday

14 Ambassadors attended Ambassadors Osprey Club on a cold often drizzly afternoon, along with family and friends.

All were sustained in the cold hide by  Liz’s excellent Easter cupcakes, and chocolate Easter bunnies , a reward from Ken for completing the osprey quiz!

Sam recorded 31 different bird species including excellent views of a Barn Owl , hunting over the meadows, as well as the Manton Bay ospreys!

Also seen for some time were two water voles and two muntjac deer, right in front of Waderscape hide.

Looking at the Barn Owl behind the osprey nest!

Jackie talks to Osprey Ambassadors about the presentations they have made at their school.


How many times can you find the word “egg” in this report about our young Osprey Ambassadors event ?


It is Easter Sunday and we are all very eggcited as it our first Osprey Club for 2018!

We met at Lyndon and from the eggsit of the centre to the hide we had to find pictures of ospreys pegged to the fence posts along the track.

We had to write down the legg ring number for each osprey picture to win an Easter egg prize.

At Waderscrape hide, Maya and Osprey 33 were on the nest with two eggs in their nest and a third egg expected today… this is really eggciting news! We spent some time watching the ospreys and saw about 30 species other birds. No I am not eggsaggerating …. Sam made a list!

We had lovely views a barn owl  over the meadows,and many different  waterfowl, but no eggrets today.

As well as meeting the other Osprey Ambassadors we were given the latest presentation to show in our school with a script and some eggstra information about this year’s “Inspired by Ospreys” competition.

Soon it was four o’clock and we had to go, even though I begged to stay for a bit longer to watch the ospreys!

Still, I can always see what is happening at home using the Rutland Ospreys live web cam.


  • How many “egg” words can you find?
  • Can you list the “egg” words which have spelling mistakes, with  their correct spelling? Try to get it eggsactly…I mean exactly…right!


Casterton Primary School have made a special ”Osprey Ambassador” school badge


Answer = 12  Easter  “egg” words

Incorrect ones  with corrections
Eggcited                 Excited
Eggsit                      Exit   
Legg                         Leg
Eggciting                Exciting
Eggrets                   Egrets
Eggsaggerating   Exaggerating
Eggstra                   Extra