Education News

This page has a short selection of the latest Education News items with links to other pages on the Rutland Ospreys website where  you can find more information.


World Osprey Week 23rd – 27th March 2020

The Ospreys will begin their long migration from West Africa back to Rutland in March, and World Osprey Week or WOW celebrates the return of the Rutland Ospreys. The Rutland Ospreys website has the latest news about their migration, and some birds have satellite trackers which means that you can follow their progress north! It is a truly international event with migration “flyways” in Europe, West Asia, and the Americas. Find out more about Work Osprey week activities at


Free School Educational Resources

It is possible for teachers to deliver lessons using Osprey based resources! Ideal activities and inspiration for World Osprey Week! These include work sheets (with teacher’s notes), lesson plans, fun activities and project ideas that cover a wide range of national curriculum subjects


Visiting Lyndon to see the Ospreys – Summer Term 

Educational groups can visit Lyndon nature reserve, Rutland Water to see the Rutland Ospreys. The best months to visit are May to July.

If you would like to visit Lyndon reserve with any educational group, take a look at what the Rutland Osprey Education Team can offer at



Rutland Ospreys ‘Reserve Expert’ days 2020

This event is sponsored by The Cameron Bespolka Trust 

We are running “Reserve Expert” days at Lyndon Nature Reserve, Rutland Water during May Half Term and the summer holidays in 2020. Separate activity based days will be available for primary and secondary school age groups in May and July 2020.   

For more information and a booking form:
Contact Ken Davies, Education Officer at


Osprey Ambassadors 

Osprey Ambassadors are young people who are the link between the Osprey Project and their school, educational group, their class or wildlife club. Take a look at the Ambassadors page on the Rutland Ospreys website for more information. If you have youngsters in your school or educational group who would benefit from this sort of challenge let us know.