Egg-citing times!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.. and we thought we were treading on egg shells waiting for 33 to return… not so anymore! On the 02 of April, following a very torrential start to the day, our soggy pair successfully laid their first egg! Maya was seen sitting in the same position for a while and was looking underneath herself and shuffling around. 

And then when she shifted to stand up a beautiful little jewel appeared! 

Don’t be alarmed if you see Maya flying off and not incubating initially, they only begin incubating properly when the full clutch has been laid! Keep an eye out for 33’s strong parenting instincts though as he’s proven himself to be a very keen incubator in the past! Watch for further updates!

6 responses to “Egg-citing times!”

  1. Sheila FE

    Brilliant news! Well done Maya and 33.

  2. Mary Evans

    So pleased to see their summer get off to such a promising start. Good luck to all pairs this summer. And hope for new parents and new pairings.

  3. Bill Hunt

    So, another year is truly underway with the first egg. And what a year it could be! Maya and 33 have such a great track record and we can all share the privilege of watching them in action! Maya the devoted mum and 33 the awesome provider!

  4. David Wilkes

    Great to see the first egg, but what about 30? we have always enjoyed tracking her arrival but still nothing on the tracking page regarding the three Rutland ospreys since 21st March. Any news of their progress would be good to see.

  5. Damian Woodgate

    Absolutely Amazing, Very Early Indeed. I am a nest recorder for the BTO NRS and know our birds are early but did not expect our Ospreys to be on eggs yet. Fantastic news and I will be looking at the progress of these fantastic birds

  6. Ray Jackson

    I’m looking forward to visiting, observing and photographing these beautiful birds in a few weeks,