Manton Bay 

With two eggs now in the nest, its starting to feel like spring, even if the weather isn’t reflecting that! Even with the grey and rainy weather we have had plenty of visitors to keep us busy and the ospreys have been very entertaining. 

Maya laid the second egg early yesterday morning, by daybreak she looked absolutely soaked as the rain had been pouring down all night. Lets hope the weather improves before we get any more eggs. 


Yesterday we had not two but three ospreys in Manton Bay. We had been watching the webcam from the centre when suddenly the phone rang, it was the volunteers from the hide. 33 had just returned with a nice fresh fish caught for Maya, who had been taking her shift incubating, when all of a sudden another osprey had dived in trying to get her talons on the fish! 

We quickly went over the camera footage to find that it was in fact 5N, she is a Rutland bred bird who actually founded Manton Bay with 08(97). However, in 2009 the pair failed to breed and eventually move to another nest site. Its good to see that she is still in the area, however it would be nice if she kept to her own nest and mate!



 Apart from the intrusion the bay has been calm, 33 has been very insistent on helping Maya incubate, sometimes to the point that I’m sure Maya is getting a little annoyed. Lets hope he’s helping her save her energy so she can lay another egg in the next few days. 




3 responses to “Egg-static!”

  1. Sheila FE

    Thank you for confirming that Green 5N is around, but a pity she is intruding. Does that mean that her mate of last year is another who has not yet returned?

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Sheila, 5N has a history of intruding at Manton Bay when she first returns home, probably because it used to be her nest, so this is usual behaviour for her on arriving in Rutland!

  2. Sheila FE

    Thank you Holly.