Egg watch and bird ringing

A blog post by Information Officer Paul Stammers

Friday May 4th at the Lyndon Visitor Centre

I arrived at the centre today to be greeted by a team of bird ringers and staff members carrying out their breeding bird surveys.

The bird ringing team of Garry, Candice and Holly had had a good morning, catching numbers of garden warblers, a few lesser whitethroat and a selection of long tailed tit, song thrush, dunnock, willow warbler, wren plus other species! In total the team processed 36 birds, some new birds and some re-traps. The bird ringers arrived on site at around 4.30am and continued through till lunch time.

Willow warbler


My next task was to set the centre up for the day, I switched the TV monitor on to find Maya sitting tightly on the three eggs, 36 days of incubation complete – we expect hatching any time now. Over the last few days the weather has warmed up, and both birds have been very busy rearranging the nest sticks and bringing in more lining for the nest.

At 8.45am, 33 arrived back at the nest to take his turn incubating – no signs of hatching!

Maya and 33 both on the nest

This weekend we should see our first chick, so it’s a great time to visit the Lyndon reserve, which is open 9 – 5 every day of the week!

2 responses to “Egg watch and bird ringing”

  1. BillHunt53

    What a weekend to hatch, with the expected record high temperatures for a bank holiday our first chick should be in for a warm welcome.

  2. Mike S

    Thank you Holly and Paul.
    There are many on-line followers who are watching closely every time the eggs are exposed!