Empty Handed

For most of today our volunteers and visitors in Waderscrape hide have been accompanied by the constant call of the three Manton Bay juvenilles food begging.

All day they have sat, and sat, and sat, calling endlessly for 5R and the Manton Bay female to bring them something to eat. But as yet it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

There has been plenty going on to entertain those in the hides however. 1J has been putting on a fantastic aerial display and at one point, with all three Manton Bay juvenilles sat on perches, there were 5 more Ospreys circling overhead. Both Manton Bay adult birds left the bay for over an hour as they chased these intruders away. Everyone was hoping that on their return they would be carrying a fish, but no… they came back empty handed!

One response to “Empty Handed”

  1. Andy, London UK

    “Daaaaad, Muuuuuu… hang on, let’s check to see if we have fishes… nope!” “Me neither” “Daaaaaad! Muuuuuuuuuum!…..”