Enjoying life on the wing

Having been on the wing for several days, the Manton Bay youngsters are being increasingly skillful and adept in the air.  Although this means that we see much less of them on the three cameras, John Wright and Dave Cole have been continuing to film their every move.

Dave spent much of yesterday in Manton Bay and he’s sent another fantastic film of highlights. As you’ll see, you really get a sense that the juveniles are enjoying their new found freedom; playing in the wind, chasing other birds and even grabbing at leaves in the trees.

As I’m sure you’ll agree from this video, now is a brilliant time to come and enjoy watching the Manton Bay Osprey family. The Lyndon reserve is open daily from 6am until 8pm and, aside from the Ospreys you’ll see a host of other wildlife. Dave’s latest film includes nesting Great-crested Grebes, Black-tailed Godwits and Little Egrets. So don’t waste any time – come and see us at Lyndon! Thanks again to Dave Cole for the video.

S1 eating fish

Although the youngsters are spending long periods off the nest, they always return when hungry!

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  1. Pat Suart

    It has been an absolute joy for me to watch the Ospreys and read all the information about them! One of the best websites. The birds are quite awesome and spectacular. Thoroughly enjoyed it thank you very much!