Excitement in Manton Bay

Fledging has to be just about the most exciting time of any Osprey season. For several days the birds keep us to tenterhooks – helicoptering up above the nest, but then failing to muster the courage to leave the nest for the first time. Then suddenly, they go for it!

Of the Manton Bay youngsters, 52(11) is clearly the most advanced and, after several days of helicoptering, it was no surprise that he was the first of the three to make his maiden flight yesterday morning. Like last year volunteers Don Scholes and Lynda Berry were on duty to see the first flight and Lynda will be reporting on a very exciting shift in the next day or so.

 After a competent first flight 52 made numerous other short forays around the bay, competing for attention with a rare Spotted Sandpiper which arrived late in the afternoon. 32(11) is now very close to following the example of his brother and we’re sure he will be on the wing before very long. 22(11) seems altogether more reluctant – spending most of his time lying low in the nest. He obviously isn’t quite ready to take the plunge just yet.

The one really disappointing thing about the past few days is that we are continuing to have problems with the Manton Bay camera. After extensive investigation we think that the camera itself is faulty, but because it is fixed to the nest, there is no way we can go and investigate at this stage – the welfare of the birds has to come first. We are very sorry about this, but all we can hope is that the problems remedy themselves. Don’t forget though, that even if you can’t watch the birds online, you can come and see them for real at the Lyndon reserve – it is well worth it! Check out the Centre Info page for visiting details.