With all three juveniles having been on the wing for five days, their confidence is growing and they are becoming more proficient in the air as each day passes.

1J, the first to take to the air almost 10 days ago now, particularly has been exploring his flying abilities and has been dipping into the water. At this stage they are such fun to watch from the hides at the Lyndon reserve as they swoop around, reminiscent of teenagers on a rollercoaster having the time of their life and without a care in the world.

The young birds have started to venture further from the nest site and we’ve seen them heading east down the reservoir towards the peninsula before returning to their perches in Manton Bay, seemingly oblivious to the incredible, but perilous, journey they will soon be setting out on.

They are each becoming a bit more feisty too and there have been a few tussles in the nest as they battle for the ownership of fish, which 5R is still delivering to them at the nest daily. These arrivals of fish to the nest mean that we are still getting some brilliant images from the webcam throughout the day.

One response to “Exploring!”

  1. Barbara

    I feel so blessed that this web site is available to me. Each year I watch from spring to autumn watching all the developments in the nest. I have many friends who are also enthralled watching these wonderful birds, it is compulsive viewing!!!!! much better than TV. Starting to feel a bit sad as they will soon be on their way to Africa. Thank you for another year of wonderful ospreys